Carbon Steel Piping advantages

Carbon steel is developed when carbon is the alloy constituent along with steel. By adding carbon to steel makes it stronger and harder. Steel that has carbon content more than 2 percent is considered cast iron.

Carbon Steel PipeA variety of manufactured goods and building are made out of carbon steel and carbon steel piping. Let’s take a look at some of its advantages and why using steel piping would be good for an upcoming project.

1. Cost-effective – When there’s not a need for replacements, you’re saving money. Other pipes depreciate faster than carbon steel. Also, keep in mind with carbon steel’s strength, the pipes can be much thinner than other piping, meaning it will have a greater carrying capacity that pipes with the same diameter. Also, these pipes can be bent and shaped easily to fit the specifications you need. It’s common to see joints, valves and other fitting made out of carbon steel.

2. Durable – It’s already been mentioned in the paragraph above, but the durableness of carbon steel needs a category of its own. Steel carbon is great for framing a building or structure for a variety of reasons. First, its non-combustible. Second it’s more resistant to natural disasters because of its strength. And third, it’s very shock resistive. These pipes are often times used in for water mains that are laid underneath high traffic roads because of their resistance to shock and durability. They are also used to deliver petroleum and is anti-corrosive when working with water.

3. Recyclable — Steel, no matter if it’s carbon steel or stainless steel, can be recycled and most of it usually is. In fact, steel is recycled more than paper, plastic and glass combined, with 70 percent of all steel used being recycled.

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