How Is the US Steel Industry Doing?

As we reported in previous blog posts, it seems that the steel industry in this country is on the up and up. Despite setbacks, the steel industry is proof that business can still flourish in America despite a difficult economy. Recently, there have been many positive news stories seeping through the media cracks, like the… Read more »

The Steel Industry Is Poised for a Strong Summer

Over the past few years, the steel industry has experienced a fair amount of ups and downs. One month, it might seem that the future is golden, that the American steel industry has finally turned the corner and is preparing for better days. Another month, however, may seem that the doom curtain has fallen on… Read more »

Women in the Steel Industry

When you think of steel, chances are you think of something that is tough and strong, maybe structures or cars that seem indestructible. Think of phrases like “steely resolve.” That being the case, most of us tend to associate steel with masculinity – men wearing hardhats and working on assembly lines or men wearing testosterone… Read more »

US Steel Industry Continues to Bounce Back

In many areas of the world it has been a turbulent period for the steel industry, including the United States. But there are many signs indicating that things are looking up across the country. After making it through a somewhat difficult winter, prices of domestic steel have been on the rise, which is great news… Read more »

Steel Industry Leaders Head to Congress

The steel industry in both the United States and the rest of the world has been having a good year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for improvements. In fact, one area that many people agree needs to be improved is the trade laws related to the industry. That’s why the CEO of… Read more »

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