Women in the Steel Industry

When you think of steel, chances are you think of something that is tough and strong, maybe structures or cars that seem indestructible. Think of phrases like “steely resolve.” That being the case, most of us tend to associate steel with masculinity – men wearing hardhats and working on assembly lines or men wearing testosterone suits and sweating it out in corporate boardrooms. But the steel industry as a whole is not as dominated by men as one might think. Women have also been crucial to the health and longevity of the steel industry. They too possess “steely resolves,” as is the case with Lydia Mwesigwa.

According to this article in Newvision.co.ug, “Lydia Mwesigwa is a marketer by profession who at first didn’t have any interesting in owning a steel manufacturing plant apart from earning a salary from it.” That, however, quickly changed when Lydia reflected on all the benefits that the steel industry offers.

The article states, “Having worked for Sembule Steel Mills, for five years, she realized that there was an opportunity for one to earn from a steel industry. When the company developed some problems, she decided to venture into her won [sic] business of making steel products for sale.”

While she has faced a fair amount of challenges, Lydia has not given up, and is making waves in not only the Ugandan steel industry, but the global market as well. She is a great example of that “steely resolve” that our industry is known for. Anyone can make waves in this industry; you just have to work hard and not quit when the going gets tough.

For more information on Lydia’s journey, check out the article in full and let us know what you think.

Written by Katapult Marketing

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