Lending a helping hand

After Superstorm Sandy bombarded the New Jersey and New York City area with damage, we got a call from a customer in need of a large steel pipe to be used for an emergency barge spuds to repair bulkheads in New Jersey. We shipped the 30” OD x .750 wall pipe overnight to make sure… Read more »

More oil, more steel piping

As oil production is starting to improve in North America, so is the production of steel piping. There used to be a time where all the steel in Northeast Ohio rusted out. The steel plants that once made that area thrive. Well it’s starting to comeback. An article posted on said that steel companies… Read more »

Welcome to Steel 4 Sales Blog!

Hello and welcome to Steel 4 Sales blog! Here you will find updated information about our business, our industry and interesting tidbits and factoids we can throw your way. We supply contractors with steel and carbon steel piping, column piping , culvert piping and so much more —  quickly and efficiently so they can get… Read more »

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