Uses for Culvert Piping

Culvert piping can be used in a variety of different ways. Mostly, they are used to transfer water and materials as a drain pipe under roads or earth. They can also be used as bridges, too, when they are placed side by side with either earth or rock covering them. One of the major uses… Read more »

A Mediterranean Water Pipeline is One-of-a-Kind

Pipelines carrying oil have been the norm in this country, moving across the land from Alaska to Canada to Texas. Underground pipelines carrying oil are fairly common too with the amount of offshore oil that’s been found across the world. But what about a steel pipeline, spanning across a sea, carrying water? That’s what Turkey… Read more »

Commodities falling amid Europe financial crisis

You know those commercials where they’re like, “How does bamboo trade in China affect oil manufacturing in Venezuela?” Well that’s kind of the situation that’s going on in the commodities market. Copper, aluminum, nickel and lead are almost to their lowest level in months amidst Cyrpus’ economy absolutely tanking over the past few days. Copper… Read more »

Two New Texas Steel Pipe Plants Bring More Supply

Two new steel pipe plants are going goign to bring more pipe supply to the market. Tenaris, a leading supplier in seamless and welded pipes, has a deal to build a 1 million square-foot steel pipe manufacturing plant in Texas serving the energy industry. When the plant is completed, it’s expected to have the capability… Read more »

Charleston City Marina

Recently, the Charleston City Marina in Charleston, SC went through some renovations and called upon Florida Pipe and Steel Inc. for delivery of high quality steel piping needed to expand the marina to about 40 more slips. The city was in need of 12,000-feet worth of quality, galvanized steel pipes, with openings ranging from 24-inches,… Read more »

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