American-made Steel in Cleveland

The steel industry in America, as well as many other sectors of manufacturing in the United States, are dying to hear some good news finally. The industry has taken blow after crumbling blow over the course of the previous few decades, culminating in many layoffs across the entire sector as a result of the 2008… Read more »

Pennsylvania Environmental Steel

With the amount of economic instability recently in the steel industry, companies are taking advantage of every resource at their disposal. Grant funding is becoming much more highly sought among steel companies, even those at the top of the food chain. Recently, U.S. Steel, one of the world’s largest producers of steel products, announced that… Read more »

Entire Cities Built on the Strength of the Steel Industry

All over the North American continent, companies involved in steel production are feeling the pinch of poor economic times. Even factories that have operated for decades aren’t safe as the industry’s biggest names continue to rein in operations. Entire cities that have been built on the strength of the steel industry are being forced to… Read more »

Steel + Natural Gas = Innovation

When you think of steel, do you think of gas? When you think of gas, do you think of steel? Chances are you don’t, but you should start, because their partnership is changing America’s steel landscape. In early October, representatives from the North American steel industry attended the Consumer Energy Alliance’s Energy and Manufacturing Summit…. Read more »

A better steel economy in the United States

The steel industry is very important to both the American economy as well as the nation’s identity. We are a country forged in steel, and many of our largest cities have been built on the steel trade. Unfortunately, American steel corporations have not fared well over the past few decades, creating a precarious situation in… Read more »

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