The precarious nature of the American steel industry

American steel has been a proud industry over the course of our nation’s history, but unfair competition from imports has been causing a lot of concern among domestic manufacturers. This industry can still be a huge economic engine if we protect ourselves from countries that break the rules. Luckily, American governmental agencies are starting to… Read more »

Excessive imports hurt the domestic industry

Illegal product dumping in the United States has been a concern in the steel pipe industry, especially as industry production has sped up to keep pace with demand from the oil & gas industry. In Ohio, several steel manufacturers are petitioning for government involvement to protect American jobs in the face of unfair foreign competition…. Read more »

Probe Opened to Investigate Foreign Steel Pricing

The United States steel industry could be taking a hit due to manufacturers in foreign countries selling steel pipes at unusually low prices. In fact, countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and 6 others have been selling pipes at such low prices that a new probe has been opened to investigate the matter. Led by… Read more »

Steel prices on the rise

In the few weeks, steel prices have been on the rise. The Wall Street Journal is reporting a few events that helped trigger a rise in prices about 10 percent to its highest levels since early January. The Journal says a blast furnace outage in Ohio and Brazil, plus a work stoppage in Ontario “have… Read more »

New Trucking Regulations Set to Begin July 1st

On July 1, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) will begin enforcing the new Hours of Service (HOS) regulations for all commercial motor vehicles transporting goods through the interstate. This rule does not apply for those only tucking within the state, though. Long haul truckers will be affected the most. They will need to… Read more »

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