The Steel Industry Is Poised for a Strong Summer

Over the past few years, the steel industry has experienced a fair amount of ups and downs. One month, it might seem that the future is golden, that the American steel industry has finally turned the corner and is preparing for better days. Another month, however, may seem that the doom curtain has fallen on steel in this country and better days are long behind us. This constant seesaw can be a bit confusing, infuriating even, and not many know what to think or where to go from here. At Florida Pipe & Steel, we assure you that the future is bright.

As this article points out, “Arriving in tandem with belated spring weather, long-awaited HRC (hot-rolled coil) price increases were announced this week, providing hope for a turnaround in the collapsed market.” In this case, spring is truly a time of rejuvenation. The steel industry is poised for a strong spring and even stronger summer, with prices moving up instead of going down.

Anyone in the know knows that the steel industry is very cyclical, with so many factors affecting production and pricing. It truly is a domino situation – what happens in one country across the globe will always have some kind of impact on the steel industry in the States. Thankfully, it looks like greener pastures are in our future, so let’s enjoy it, and continue to work hard to make this industry the continued backbone of the United States.

Written by Katapult Marketing

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