Expanding U.S. Steel Technology Center in Munhall

It was only a few months ago that the U.S Steel’s Research and Technology Center in Munhall was holding a rally about the loss of Steel worker’s jobs in the US because of so many companies out-sourcing for their steel from other countries. And now the technology center is hiring new people to enhance their commitment to innovation in the Steel industry. It’s also part of an initiative that the Steel company has been looking into, which they hope will return 290 Million yearly or more.

The innovative direction in which U.S. Steel is heading is in hopes of saving the steel industry further down the line for the United States, as China increasingly becomes the leader in Steel production. Unfortunately the Research and Technology center would not shed any more light on what it is they are doing to help the future of the steel industry; only that they have over 100 employees working on the project now, and are still looking for more. Most of these 100 employees currently are scientists in various fields of metals and steels and other process and product technology areas.

As for the town of Munhall, they are hoping this could lead to even more people and a bigger presence for the U.S. Steel company like had previously existed back when Munhall was producing steel regularly. As for the steel industry at large, no one really knows what kind of impact, if any this new research and development could lead to. But considering the work U.S. Steel has put into this industry it is unlikely to just give up, which explains the quick switch to Munhall, and even the dropping of some of their current facilities. Clearly the steel company thinks whatever they are working on will save the Steel industry at large, or at least change it to something altogether different.

For now, we can only wonder.

Source: http://triblive.com/neighborhoods/yourmckeesport/yourmckeesportmore/6533668-74/steel-research-munhall#axzz3950LzJZd

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