Bore Casing Pipe

Steel casing is a wide diameter pipe that is put together and then inserted directly into a new drilled area of a borehole, and is most often set by pouring cement to fill the borehole around it. Combined with dryed cement, casing pipe can offer many benefits that may not otherwise be beneficial.  This combination  keeps fresh water well zones from getting contaminated, keeps structures from caving in, and it can also provide a very sturdy foundation for various projects. 

Here at Florida Pipe & Steel, we carry a large inventory of ASTM A252 Steel Pipe Casing in many various grades. Typically, our inventory usually has a pipe diameter ranging from 2”-36”, but we often work with diameters ranging up to 144”.  Our wall thicknesses are also various, depending on the outside diameter of the pipe. 

We often make pipe based on what our customers need, so we have a few different methods of cutting pipe. We can mill crop ends, or mechanically torch cut and bevel ends to 30 degrees.  We can bevel each end of a piece, or we can cut pieces with a bevel on one end and a square cut on the other.  Cutting pieces to length for our customers often leaves us with dead 20’ lengths, which comes in hand for many of our other customers.  With all of these fabricating options available, it is easy for us to customize pipe casings to a company’s particular specifications.  We would be happy to customize large quantities of steel casings for whatever job you may encounter. 

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