Used Steel Pipe & Pipe Piling For Sale

                 Used pipe is classified as “used” because the pipe has been previously used.  These uses may include: structural applications, casing applications, transmission applications, etc.  Depending on your requirements, this type of pipe may be a good option because it is budget friendly.  If you do not have strict regulations given to you by the engineers, this is a great option to consider.   There are two major classifications when discussing Used Steel Pipe: #1 and #2.  These classifications are typically used to describe the appearance of the pipe alone, so make sure to inquire about previous usage or get an official pipe inspection.

Grade #1 includes pipe that has no pitting or visible defects on the exterior or interior of the pipe.  Although there should be no visible pitting or defects, the #1 pipe may have what is referred to as a “Salt & Pepper” description.  This description can be concluded simply by touching the pipe.  You will actually be able to feel a sand-paper-like finish on the pipe that is caused from weather.

              Grade #2  includes pipe that will have a bit more oxidation pitting, but no heavy duty “crater” pitting should be detected.  Depending on what the pipe was previously used for, the interior of the pipe may be more worn than the exterior, so again, make sure to inquire about what you are actually getting.

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