Water Well Casing & Pipes for Sale

Water well pipe has multiple essential purposes within a water well.  It offers a great support system for the borehole that protects the structure and the pump within the well.  It also keeps the water within the well clean and free from contamination.  There are four essential casings for water well usage.  These four casings include:  a surface casing, a conductor casing, intermediate casing, and pump housing casing.  All water well pipe must have a smooth interior so that the installation and operation of drilling tools and pumps is not affected by a rough surface.  The physical properties of this pipe must also be suitable to withstand pressure that may be administered during the completion of the well.  The pipe used must also have a long life span so that it does not interfere. For more information on Water well pipes and casing, contact the pipe suppliers at Florida Pipe & Steel.

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