* Machine Cleaned:  We may have the pipe you are looking for in stock, but with a coating that may not work for you.  Because we have machines to clean off different coatings, we can make any of this pipe bare with a little bit of notice.

* Primer:  A primer is a good base to put on the outside surface of pipe before applying any coating of paint.  It is created to form a MECHANICAL bond to the pipe, and then a chemical bond to the paint that is to be placed on top of the primer.

Fusion Bond Epoxy

* Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE):  Fusion Bond Epoxy is a powder coating that is epoxy based. It is used to protect the surface of the pipe for many various applications. This particular coating is classified as a thermoset polymer coating. Fusion bond falls within the paints and coating nomenclatures under the protective coating category.

Before a fusion bond coating can be applied, the pipe must be blasted to create the ideal surface for the FBE to stick. The name of this particular coating derives from a resin cross-linking followed by the particular application method (which seperates this coating from a traditional paint). At a normal storage temperature, the resin and hardeners remain in dry powder form. Once the typical coating temperature (356-482 degrees) is reached, the powder begins to melt and become liquidated. With the help of heat, the liquid form of this coating melts onto the steel surface and soon becomes a shell around the pipe. This process is the actual “fushion bond” process. Once this chemical cross-link has occurred, it is impossible to reverse.

Black CTE

* Coal Tar Epoxy (CTE): CTE is another coating that we often use. It is a protective coating that consists of tar, various fillers, a gelling agent, as well as a curing agent.

We most often coat pipe with Coal Tar Epoxy when we have material that will be used for pilings in different bodies of water. This coating does a great job of keeping the pilings free of any corrosion that may occur from the water. With pilings coated in CTE, they will remain corrosion-free for much longer than bare pipe. CTE also provides a coating that wards off many mild chemicals, acids, and alkali solutions that are often found in extreme environments.

galvanized steel* Galvanized: Galvanized pipe is the third type of coating we specialize in. It is simply used to describe pipe that has been coated with zinc before it is installed. This coating is extremely effective for corrosion protection, but it only works if the zinc is 100% dry before the pipe is installed.

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