Steel bollards protect the President

The President of the United States is the most protected man in the world. He has a team of Secret Service Agents surrounding him at all times and access to armored vehicles, planes and helicopters. He travels pretty safe.

The White HouseBut what about when he’s at home at the White House, late at night, when people are up to no good? Sure there’s a fence that surrounds 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but that can’t be enough to deter a rambunctious intruder, right?

Well it isn’t. That’s why there are steel pipe bollards located around the premises and earlier this month, they helped deter a crazed intruder.

Joseph Reel, 32, of Kettering, Ohio thought it would be a good idea to enter the lawns of the White House and spray paint “Don’t Tread On Me” on the beautifully manicured grass. According to the Secret Service and a report on NBC News, Reel said he looked for a way in the previous night, before hopping in his Jeep Patriot early Sunday morning to batter his way onto the premises.

Reel placed a wood block on his gas pedal and ghost rid his car into a light post, bike rack and a steel bollard at 17th Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue. Then Reel came riding up on his bike, climbed over the fence and with a can of spray paint in hand, which he dropped as he booked from the Secret Service agents.

Only $1,000 in damage happened, but it could have been a lot worse if the steel bollard wasn’t there. The vehicle could have entered the premises and continued to move unoccupied and who knows what could’ve happened from there.

If you’re looking to protect your building from clumsy drivers, steel bollards make a great security boundary. Call Florida Pipe and Steel to inquire, today.

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