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Russia Running from American Steel

If you needed any more proof into how much the American steel industry has run away from itself, then you have to look no further than a Russian company which had been involved in the sheet steel industry for some time in the United States, deciding to actually back out of the United States steel… Read more »

Expanding U.S. Steel Technology Center in Munhall

It was only a few months ago that the U.S Steel’s Research and Technology Center in Munhall was holding a rally about the loss of Steel worker’s jobs in the US because of so many companies out-sourcing for their steel from other countries. And now the technology center is hiring new people to enhance their… Read more »

Overproducing Steel in China

Over the years, China has stated they are working on a way to reduce the overproduction that is plaguing the steel industry. Yet the recent 2.3 million metric tons produced daily last month signal that China still hasn’t figured out a way to handle this, as that is a steadily growing amount of steel production… Read more »

Efforts to Prohibit Steel Dumping

Calls for American political action in the face of an abusive international market for steel products have been coming from a wide array of industry leaders. We’ve talked about unfair market conditions globally for American steel before here on the Florida Pipe & Steel blog. Today, we’re sharing some strong words from one of the… Read more »

American Steel Industries

Here on the Florida Pipe & Steel blog, we’re dedicated to covering any spurts of good news stemming from the American steel industry. This giant industry that helped spur economic development in past decades has taken many hits in recent years. Across our land, however, there are some signs that U.S. operations in steel, an… Read more »

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